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Magical Egypt X

The Symbolist Tour continues

In this season of Magical Egypt, the Symbolist tour continues as we find more evidence in further realms of the hidden message about a human X factor.

A symbolist tour of the ancient east serves to unfurl the mysteries found in Ancient Egypt as Chance Gardner visits the glorious Angkor What and the sacred sites of Bangkok before heading west again to expose the same message encoded within the remnants of renaissance Italy.

The worlds leading researchers add insight along the way to bring us the true legacy of this ancient knowledge discarded within the X files of our failing materialist culture. 

Featuring Mark Stavish –  Institute for Hermetic Studies

Laird Scranton – Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol

Brad Klausen – Sacred Physiology

Peter Mark Adams – Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos

JJ Semple – The Secret of the Golden Flower, A Kundalini Meditation Method

Tobias Churton- Gnostic Mysteries of Sex: Sophia the Wild One and Erotic Christianity



John Anthony West
J.J. Semple
Mark Stavish
Peter Mark Adams
Gary Lachman
Gary Osborn
Laird Scranton
Brad Klausen
Isaac Rodriguez
and many more.

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