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The real treasure of ancient Egypt has been kept from public view, perhaps even hoarded, by a privileged few. More precious than gold in myriad ways because of the countless powers it conveys. Esoteric wisdom that modern science will not acknowledge is the true legacy of this ancient knowledge

Is our true legacy, the long-lost manual to the human psyche, and what becomes of our human spark when everything returns to dark. If so It is a crime, a heist of epic proportions, maintained by confusion of ambitious distortions.

In season two, the research team made significant advances, unprecedented discoveries  that seriously enhances sophisticated cognitive science encoded in ancient art, that sets those who practice it seriously apart.

In this special edition, we take a moment to drill down further on this precious endowment.  In the voluminous amount of discovery, it might seem easy to overlook the recovery of a linchpin of ancient thought,  the missing  puzzle piece that has us question everything we have been taught.

The investigation has brought to the fore the symbolism of the kundalini serpent and all its lore, a transformative force that can lead to evolutionary upheaval, the long awaited and much-needed  retrieval of the numinous for us all;  a recovery from the fall?



John Anthony West
J.J. Semple
Mark Stavish
Peter Mark Adams
Gary Lachman
Gary Osborn
Laird Scranton
Brad Klausen
Isaac Rodriguez
and many more.

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