Magical Egypt X – Season 3, Over 30 STREAMS



Discover the true legacy of ancient Egypt, hidden from the public eye for centuries. This treasure, more precious than gold, holds esoteric wisdom that modern science has overlooked. It is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the human psyche and the true meaning of existence.

In season X ( three), a research team made breakthrough discoveries in the ancient art and architecture, decoding a visual language that holds the secrets of a highly sophisticated cognitive science. Uncover the missing puzzle piece that will change everything you thought you knew about ancient civilizations.

Explore the symbolism of the transformative kundalini serpent and its power to bring about evolutionary change. It’s time for us to reclaim this numinous knowledge, and reclaim our place as conscious beings. Don’t miss this chance to dive deeper into the true legacy of ancient Egypt.


John Anthony West
J.J. Semple
Mark Stavish
Peter Mark Adams
Gary Lachman
Gary Osborn
Laird Scranton
Brad Klausen
and many more.


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Magical Egypt Companions

The 6 companion films include the entire interview with our special guests. This means that you get to go deeper than ever before. Including an exclusive lecture by John Anthony West!

Magical Egypt Symposium

Over 20 hours of the worlds leading minds discussing topics pertinent to Magical Egypt including Laird Scranton, Rick Strassman, Mantak Chia, Thomas Sheridan, Christopher Dunn, Tony Wright,  Aaron Cheak, Gary, and Heather Osborn, Max Igan and many more!

Magical Egypt LIVE

Vanese Mc Neill interviews todays luminaries. Topics include Alternate History, Magick, Shamanism, Entheogens, Consciousness with Thomas Sheridan, Shonagh Home, Peter Mark Adams, Mark Stavish and many more!
And you’ll also get:

Sacred Physiology

Brad Klausen featured in Magical Egypt Series 2 takes us on a deep dive though Sacred Physiology!



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