Introducing More Than Magick with Shonagh Home and Vanese Mc Neill, A 12 Month Magickal Immersive Learning ExperienceMagick is, at its heart, the experience of wonder that arises from encountering seemingly impossible events. It is a practice that you integrate into your life—a powerful act of rebellion, self-care, and even activism. The true power of Magick lies in its ability to spark curiosity about the unknown and provoke self-reflection on our assumed knowledge. When you engage with Magick, you realize the vast disparity between the limited possibilities you have been conditioned to accept and the expansive realm of actuality.Embarking on a magickal journey allows you to reclaim your innate power and awaken to the extraordinary possibilities that exist beyond the limitations of conventional belief. Are you ready to step into a world of wonder, empowerment, and transformation? The choice is yours.So, how do we actually embark on this transformative journey? Through a curriculum that combines theory and practical applications, designed to expand your consciousness and provide firsthand experiences.

Get ready for more……


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