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You get:

The Ultimate  X 30 DVD Package includes:

Magical Egypt  X – 6 DVD’s

5 DVD’s of the Brand New Season
NOTE: These will be sent out over the next few weeks as they become mastered
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And you’ll also get:

Magical Egypt Series One – 8 DVD’s

The original cult classic including 8 Films: a $129 Value
And you’ll also get:

Magical Egypt Series Two  – 6 DVD’s

$129 Value Free!
Released in 2019 including 6 Films for 7 hours
And you’ll also get:

The Great Work Series  – 6 DVD’s

The Great Work Series Decodes And Translates The Symbols Of The Egyptian Mysteries, The Tarot, Alchemy, Qabalah And Other Great Esoteric Traditions As They Initiate You To The True Meaning Of The Symbols, And The Secret Teachings Hidden Within. Featuring Symbolist John Anthony West, Lon Milo DuQuette, Michael Greer, As Well A Host Of Other Leading Wisdom Teachers “The Series Is A Must For The Serious Student Of The Occult.” Atlantis Rising
And you’ll also get:

Sexual Alchemy of the Thoth Tarot – 4 DVD’s

Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Is The Most Respected & Feared Magical Object D’Art In History. For Nearly 40 Years The Thoth Tarot Has Hidden The Secret Of Sexual Alchemy. The Thoth Tarot Has Been One Of The Best Selling And Most Popular Tarot Decks In The World. Designed By Aleister Crowley, And Painted By Lady Frieda Harris, It Isconsidered By Many To Be The Most Important Magical Object D’art Of The 20th Century – It Is Also One Of The Most Feared And Misunderstood.
Join Crowley Expert And Certified Tarot Grand Master, Lon Milo DuQuette, For An In-Depth And Entertaining Look At The Magical Mysteries And The Secrets Of Sexual Alchemy Hidden In Stunning Imagery Of The 78 Cards Of The Thoth Tarot.

Illustration From The Crowley Thoth Tarot Reproduced By Permission
© Ordo Templi Orientis. Further Reproduction Prohibited.

and these free streaming films:

Magical Egypt Companions

The 6 companion films include the entire interview with our special guests. This means that you get to go deeper than ever before. Including an exclusive lecture by John Anthony West!
And you’ll also get:

Magical Egypt Symposium

Over 20 hours of the worlds leading minds discussing topics pertinent to Magical Egypt including Laird Scranton, Rick Strassman, Mantak Chia, Thomas Sheridan, Christopher Dunn, Tony Wright,  Aaron Cheak, Gary, and Heather Osborn, Max Igan and many more!

Magical Egypt LIVE

Vanese Mc Neill interviews todays luminaries. Topics include Alternate History, Magick, Shamanism, Entheogens, Consciousness with Thomas Sheridan, Shonagh Home, Peter Mark Adams, Mark Stavish and many more!
And you’ll also get:

Sacred Physiology

Brad Klausen featured in Magical Egypt Series 2 takes us on a deep dive though Sacred Physiology!

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How Streaming Works:
Upon completion of your order you will receive a login to our “Netflix” type console. Your films will be located in “MY LIBRARY”


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