Women of Wisdom Conference: A Celebration of the Immaterial



We have allowed the immaterial, ephemeral, and imaginal aspects of our lives to become disconnected. In doing so, we have stripped ourselves of the transformational, transcendental and ecstatic experiences that give our life deep healing and deep meaning.

Women of Wisdom: A Celebration of the Immaterial is an invitation to remember ourselves – and reclaim the power of the mystical and the magickal. Join these exceptional Women Of Wisdom as we lift the veil and undertake a supersensible adventure! Including:

The Mushrooms Apprentice / Shonagh Home

The Secret Intelligence of Water / Veda Austin

The Magdalen Manuscript / Roundtable

Is Magic Real? / Roundtable

Mary Magdalene and the Esoteric Egypt / Joanna Kujawa

Lesser Work As An Expression Of The Great Work / Constance Duquette

The Magic of Play / Marla Durden

Transforming the Culture of Death and Dying / Olivia Bareham

The Alchemy of Music / Laura Watkins

Ancient Goddess Traditions / Dr. Heather Elizabeth Osborn

Ephemeral Encounters / Tina Kemp

Pan was not Dead but Buried / Jade Melany

Spiritual Warrior / Roundtable